Indonesian Mining Institute (IMI) stands of an idealism about how to contribute constructive thinking and positive contribution to the development of the mining sector in Indonesia.

IMI dedicate ourselves as a consulting firm that focused on the study and a study of strategic issues and policies in the mineral and coal mining sector as well as a role as an institution that can help increase the human resource capacity (capacity building) involved directly or indirectly in the management of the mining sector.

IMI is committed to bridging the communication policymaking in mineral and coal mining sector between the government and mining entrepreneurs.

For the world of mining, IMI can also contribute by providing strategic consulting to improve the skills and knowledge of human resources in the field of mining.

For local governments, particularly where the mining sector became the prime mover for the development of the area, IMI can also assist in program improvement “capacity building” for employees of local government to have a better understanding of the characteristics of the mining sector.

A Consultation that Focus On Research And Strategy For Policy Studies in Mineral and Coal Mining Sector


Being a credible Studies Institute in Indonesia and in the Asia Pacific region which is recognized by all the mineral and coal mining sector stakeholders including investors and mining companies in the world and become the main reference investment interests and the development of policies in the mining sector in Indonesia.


Bringing the world of Indonesian mining a key sector to provide support for the economic development of Indonesia, sustainable, improve people’s lives and environment.

Our executive team is comprised of the top thought leaders and visionaries in the industry